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Submarine Salvage Company is a multi functional ocean shipping Service Company that devotes to raising the sunken ship to the surface of the ocean and lake. It has been registered in Taiwan and Japan, mainly servicing the sea area and inland sea lakes in Asia and Southeast Asia. Since these 20 plus years, it has been deeply entrusted and highly praised by customers.

In recent years, it has found out a series of Chinese and ancient Korean sunken ships in Taiwan Strait, namely 23.9 degrees to 24.4 degrees north latitude and 119.6 degrees to 122.4 degrees east longitude. The number of the ship that has been found out and certified is 53, originating from the age of about 1130 to 1900. Judging from the age of salvaging out of the water, they have crossed over 800 years, which were the East Asian merchant ships in early times, being used for shipping the trading goods, such as chinaware, tea leaf and silk. For various reasons, these ships sunk into the Taiwan Strait and the Sea of Japan. Through three years’ salvage procedure, our investors have recently collected some treasures that lying at the bottom of the sea. Now we promote a first batch of silver ingot, franchising the auction and transaction online for the first time. Please do not miss such a good opportunity.

All the items that salvaged by our company are numbered. Sellers can inquire the information on the internet through serial numbers, to confirm there is no mistake. (Inquire serial number: www.shiptreasures.com)

Our company safeguards the original appearance of the goods as much as possible, and never conducts some chemical treatment. Unless the rust is so heavy that the goods cannot be recognized, we may adopt some reliable physical means to remove the rust.

As the rare metal, silver has been the invested species for value maintenance and appreciation since ancient times. Our company commit that this program ensures the silver ingot is pure, and let you free from fear of disturbance in the rear.

If you need more programs, or there is any question, please contact us with e-mail: shiptreasures@hotmail.com


近年では台湾海峡(Ta iwan Strait)にあって、概略北緯は24.4回東経119.6回122.4回の地域に23.9回到達して、一連の中国と古代朝鮮の沈没船を見付けて、見つかって並びに確定する船は数量的に53個として、概略年代は1130年の---1900年は、水が出た年代を引き上げることから、スパンが800の晩年に近いと推論して、早期の東アジア商船で、磁、茶の葉、絹織物のたぐいの貿易物資を運送して、種々の原因、沈みの台湾海峡および日本海地域、私たちの投資家によって3年あまりを経過する引き上げは作業して、近日は少しの熟睡海底の秘蔵の宝物を整理し出して、初回馬蹄銀がちょっと列を作り出して、初めてネットワークに取引きを競売することを特別に許可して、どうぞ失ってはいけない。です




当社に対して製品を出したプロジェクトを引き上げて、全部通し番号があって、販売者は通し番号を通過してウェブサイトが査問して、無の誤を確認可能に、 (エンコードを査問して: www.shiptreasures.com )







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Important note: we are not senior antique experts. We cannot accurately determine the date of the project. We are only responsible for the amount of sycee ingots.




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