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Song DY sycees
The southern song dynasty period, silver has been widely used, a shekel except as submitted to the court, the local retained, commercial payment, in most of the song dynasty is also used in "Shan army", namely the military expenditure, enough to reflect silver circulation function expansion. Silver ingots were not very many at the time, and there were fifty-two, twenty-five, twelve, six, and so on.
The silver ingot in the southern song dynasty indicates the color and quality of silver. The higher the amount of silver, the higher the color, the higher the exchange value. At that time, the different grades of silver were divided into eight grades: zhenhua silver, fine silver, ingot silver, ingot silver, real silver, silver and silver, etc. True flower silver is the highest grade of silver.
Go out tax
The gate tax began in the zhou dynasty and was first recorded in the article "zhou li's official. According to the "song meeting", the official post recorded: "in the business of the shang dynasty, little jia is the sign of the gate, and dajia is losing the goods." This method of levying door tax throughout the country has been used in the southern song dynasty. According to song of the song of the song of the song of the eight business articles, the tax is the tax. It is, literally, one of the taxes levied by the southern song dynasty. Go out tax ingot should be the certificate that the businessman pays tax. The silver ingots with the words "go out tax" are usually in the official silver ingots.
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